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Who We Serve

We offer services to anyone in the community who may benefit from them.

Based upon our vision, mission, values, corporate culture and tradition, we have identified focal points for future emphasis in our awareness efforts, marketing, planning, program development and budgeting. As needs change within our service population it may be necessary to add, delete or modify areas of service.

Currently our major areas of focus are individual and marriage counseling for a variety of issues including marriage, depression, grief, etc.; child and adolescent therapy; issues related to violence prevention and intervention including school, domestic, and workplace; and Representative Payee Services.

It should be noted that there is often overlap between service areas. They are not always distinct and neatly packaged because our field is human service and human beings are not neatly compartmentalized. Humans are highly complicated organisms. The things that happen at work affect life at home. Home life affects school performance. Things that happened years ago contribute to the way we act today. We develop somewhat artificial departments for the sake of organization. However in the real world we must operate within the context of the whole individual.

As we make program decisions we must ask ourselves:

1. Is it consistent with our mission?
2. Is there a need/demand?
3. What is the cost/benefit? Is the cost reasonable for the benefit?
4. Is it cost effective? Can it be paid for by fee, specific donations, grants, etc.? What is the time frame for cost recovery?
5. Do we have the expertise to develop/implement the program or is it easily within our grasp?
6. What are the risk factors (great or small)?