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Family Counseling

Individual and Couples' Counseling

Who Is Eligible For the Program?

Individual and Couples' Counseling is available to anyone 18 years of age or older. Our counseling program offers assistance with:

Marital conflict
Premarital counseling
Relationship issues
Stress management
Spiritual concerns
Abuse survivor issues
Life transitions
Gay/lesbian relationships

Child and Adolescent Counseling

Who is eligible for the program?
Child and Adolescent Counseling is for available for children ages 7 to 17. Your child or teen may need counseling if he or she:

Has a major change in behavior
Seems nervous or is reluctant to separate from you
Has crying spells or cries for what seems like little reason
Sleeps a lot or stays up all night
Eats a lot, very little, or irregularly
Is aggressive towards family members, peers, or animals
Belittles him/herself
Is frequently sick
Has a sudden drop in grades or receives more referrals at school
Blames him/herself when bad things happen
Stops spending time with family or friends
Has difficulty concentrating
Frequently complains about his/her body
Believes he/she is good at nothing
Has difficulties connecting with others
Has frequent nightmares
Deliberately annoys others
Frequently compares him/herself to others

We also offer referrals to additional community resources.

Insurance Information

Most private insurance is accepted. We do not take Medicaid and Medicare.

Sliding Scale

The Individual and Couples' Counseling Program offers its services to clients on a sliding fee scale which is based on gross family income and number of people living in the household.

Client Feedback

Clients have made the following statements regarding the counseling services they have received:

I feel my personal issues were identified and discussed in detail. Practical and useful insights were provided to address these issues.

I'm extremely glad you're able to do a sliding pay scale, so I can have regular counseling.

I am very pleased with my counselor. I can already see a difference in my life.

It is so nice to feel Compass provided a safe place to discuss my problems. My counselor is open and non-judgmental.

I feel like I can tell my counselor things that I might not want to talk about with my parents, but get better feedback than when just talking with my friends.

One hundred percent of our clients who completed surveys "strongly agreed" or "agreed" that counseling was helping them gain the tools necessary to resolve their emotional and physical challenges.

Our Counselors:

Children Cope with Divorce--TransParenting®

Why Should I Attend this Seminar?

Changes in family structure require additional parenting skills or "transparenting." This seminar is designed to teach the skills that all divorcing/separating parents will find useful.

For parents involved in contested custody cases, this program meets the criteria required by Family Court judges.

What Will I Learn?

Successful co-parenting techniques that benefit your children
The divorce process
How children react
How children can adjust
What parents can do to help
How to handle visitation
How to get additional help

When and Where are Classes Held?

All classes are held at Compass of Carolina, 1100 Rutherford Road, Greenville, SC 29609, on selected Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

2016 seminar schedule is as follows:

Saturday, February 20
Saturday, April 16
Saturday, July 16
Saturday, September 17
Saturday, November 12

Please note that childcare is not provided.

Who Leads the Seminar?

The seminar is led by licensed masters-level therapists (male and female teams) trained in the national TransParenting® program.

How Do I Register?

Send in the program registration form along with your $50 payment (includes all materials).

Success Story

"In just four hours, I learned how my separation is affecting my children and the things we need to do to help them through this difficult time. The facilitators were very knowledgeable and funny, too!"