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Volunteer Opportunities

Compass of Carolina may from time to time utilize the services of volunteers when it is in the best interest of the organization and its clients and when the services can be performed appropriately by the volunteer base available without compromising the integrity of Compass' programs or the rights of clients. Due to the training required and confidentiality and privacy issues involved in direct service to Compass of Carolina clients, most volunteers serving the organization do so in indirect service capacities, such as assistance with fundraising, clerical duties, facility maintenance, etc. In those very rare occasions when direct services are provided, they are performed by individuals meeting the qualifications of an employee in that area, such as volunteering former employees, or the qualifications of interns, carefully selected and with strict monitoring and guidance.

It is the policy of Compass of Carolina to obtain certain preliminary paperwork from an individual who may come into contact with clients or have access to client records before that individual is cleared for volunteer work.

To request a volunteer application, please click on the "Online Application" page.