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  • Clinical Education Services 1
    Clinical Education Services 1


Clinical & Educational Services Division

The Clinical and Educational Services Division of Compass of Carolina offers four distinct services that address a variety of concerns affecting individuals and families in the home, in school, and in the community.

  • Individual and Couples' Counseling

    If you are feeling overwhelmed, stuck, or are experiencing transitions in your life that are difficult to manage, we offer affordable Individual and Couples' Counseling.

    Our program is staffed by experienced, compassionate therapists who are available to help you cope with life's challenges in a caring and confidential setting.

    If you are feeling lost, Compass can help you find your way.

  • Children Cope with Divorce--TransParenting┬«

    Children Cope with Divorce--TransParenting® is a four-hour educational program that helps parents understand the needs of children during and after separation or divorce.

    During the seminar, clients will learn how to have a cooperative co-parenting relationship. How parents adjust to divorce/separation and the kind of relationship they have with their children's other parent is crucial to the entire family's adjustment.

  • Second Chance

    Second Chance is a FREE prevention program designed for youth (ages 10-17) and their parents to address the improvement of communication skills and to strengthen the parent/child and child/peer relationships. In ten (10) workshops, solutions to such common challenges as poor impulse control, aggression, bullying, inconsistent school attendance, and illegal substance use are discussed. A parent(s) or guardian(s) is an important piece of the puzzle and must attend the Second Chance Program with the child. To schedule an enrollment time please contact Nicole Sheppard (864) 467-3434 ext. 3328.

  • Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP)

    FVIP is a 26-week educational program that offers services to both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Clients attend classes once a week for 1.5 hours.

    FVIP is designed to teach ways of responding to stressful situations that have resulted in intimate partner violence. Parenting skills and modeling are also provided so that participants will become more aware of how witnessing violence negatively impacts children and affects their behavior. It is the goal of FVIP to stop the cycle of violence.

    The program is open to both volunteers who wish to learn more about domestic violence and to clients who are mandated to attend such a program either by the court system or the Department of Social Services.

    Guiding Principles of the Program

    The safety of victims and their children is our top priority. We recognize that many times victims must leave their relationships in order to be safe, and we support their decisions.

    Education emphasizing accepting personal responsibility for one's actions and choices does work.

    By helping vicitms and the men and women who are the aggressors change their thinking and behaviors, we create safe relationships.

    The hidden victims of domestic violence, the children, deserve society's best efforts to intervene and stop the violence that disrupts their families.